Vanced developers issue statement addressing wild rumors about the app’s demise

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While the narrative of YouTube Vanced (later simply Vanced) may seem to be finished now that the app has shut down, the creators of the popular mod appear to have more to say. Several reports about the app’s collapse have surfaced, so on Saturday, the Vanced team published an essay titled “Vanced Discontinuation” on the anonymous blogging site It claimed to provide information to anybody who was “having difficulty comprehending the rationale” for the application’s demise.

Vanced was taken down for reasons unrelated to NFTs or a media group shoutout, according to the article, which also claimed the shutdown had nothing to do with piracy or ad-blocking concerns. In addition, the statement noted that “[none] of the team members are in Russia or Ukraine, nor do they have any ties to those nations,” in response to claims that Vanced developers were Russian.


Vanced also disputed that their software featured any “illegal” features, then listed the “true” reasons for receiving a stop and desist letter, according to the app’s creators:

We were instructed to delete any links for the distribution of any advanced programmes that result in a discontinuation decision.

The message went on to stress that the Vanced team will never share the app’s source code with the general public. It might “create major issues for us” if they do so. Also, never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever All connections to a downloaded version of Vanced have been removed, and the Vanced team has said that they are unable to assist with other means of obtaining a copy of the programme.


Vanced ended by urging disgruntled app users not to criticise others over the app’s death and to tell them of any additional incorrect information. So, that’s it for Vanced, the original — may he rest in peace. One of the reasons Vanced was so popular was that it had features that YouTube could certainly utilise, and some of them were rather excellent.

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