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Taste the new most realistic driving experience, be a legend by challenging your friends in many different competitions!
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PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK is a new game by PetrolHead. The game includes a simulated city where you may practise driving your automobile. Despite being classified as a racing game, PetrolHead’s gameplay is more akin to simulation games. There is no one to compete with, no deadline to meet; all you have to do is drive the automobile, follow the traffic regulations, and park your car carefully.


Have you ever been behind the wheel of a car? Do you like driving the car? PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK will be an excellent option for you if you’re looking for a game to do this in. The simulation game PetrolHead is a must-have for fans of the genre.

PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK – Joyful City Driving is the full name of the game. You will experience driving on asphalt in the game. You may also complete a variety of objectives while driving, participate in a drift race, or compete in an engine power race. Let’s have a look at PetrolHead now.

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Features Of PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK

Drive your automobile

Unlike some other games, the player will be guided through the game. However, in PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK, you will have to learn how to drive the automobile on your own. Starting the automobile, reversing it, increasing or decreasing speed, and so forth… It might be challenging. However, it will encourage you to look for and discover new things. It’s time to put your skills to the test now that you know how to drive the automobile.

The game will include a large number of tasks. As a result, you must locate, complete, and earn rewards in a vibrant metropolis. Obtain awards in the form of a badge based on a combination of your accomplishments, which you may display in your profile. On occasion, some automobiles may arrive on the streets. So be cautious while passing across crossroads. While you wait for your mode queue, you are free to drive your automobile.

Furthermore, with the high-quality graphics, you may own over 80 automobiles that you want. For example, a sedan, a hatchback, a luxury vehicle, a sport vehicle, an SUV, and so on. There will be four indications on each car: top speed, power, 0-100 km/h, and brake. The higher the indications, the better the autos are. However, the cost of these automobiles will be prohibitively high.

To possess the strongest automobile, you’ll need a lot of gold. You may also modify your vehicle to make it run quicker. You may also customise the look of the automobile using PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK. Colors, decals, and modifications like the steering wheel, rim, horn, and spoiler are just a few examples. Create the greatest automobile out of all the possible combinations, show it off to the rest of the world, and conquer the streets.

Control Yourself

The players will have three control options using PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK. Tilt, buttons, and the steering wheel are all included. You will be able to operate the automobile with the Tilt simply tilting your smartphone. The second method, on the other hand, enables players to utilise the buttons to turn left or right. You may also manoeuvre your automobile to the right or left using a steering wheel.

The game, in particular, enables you to modify the control method while driving. This will assist you in determining the best control method for you. When driving the automobile, the user may also alter the point of view. Sit in the automobile to examine the various components. Choose the third point of view — outside your automobile – to observe the countryside around you. Each point of view will have something unique to offer. Let’s attempt all we can to make driving more appealing.

In addition, PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK supports up to 14 languages. Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, British English, American English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Italian are among these languages.

Many gamers throughout the globe can now better comprehend and finish the game’s tasks as a result of them. You may also learn some new terms from the game’s characters’ information. When you first start playing, you’ll be asked to choose a display language. However, if you want to play in a different language, you may do so under the game’s Settings. Let’s choose a language that you like.

Play games with Friends

The publisher has devised two play modes in PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK to keep gamers from becoming tired with driving. Career Mode is the first mode. You may develop your driving skills in this mode by completing tasks and gradually growing your garage. However, Online Mode will transport you to a vibrant universe filled with thrilling races.

Because you may make a room, invite your friends, and explore the whole city in this mode. You will have wonderful times with folks you care about. You may also compete against the best drivers from around the globe on a massive multiplayer map. Dominate the street with various vehicles and demonstrate your abilities to the rest of the globe, or maybe make new acquaintances.

Furthermore, the game has presented you with certain characters. Each character will have his or her unique source of power. As a result, you must choose a character who is appropriate for each vehicle and race. If you are tired with your current character, switch to a new one. Let’s join PetrolHead and put your drifting skills to the test on asphalt, push your limitations and take the next step toward being a master driver, or even do whatever you want in real life.

360-degree video camera

This is one of PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK standout elements that I haven’t seen in any other simulation game. While driving, the game enables you to swivel the screen to alter the viewing perspective. You may view forward, backward, left, and right by rotating the direction with your two fingers. This feature is quite useful while backing up the automobile; instead of having fixed cameras like in previous games, you can view the rear of the car freely.

Features Of PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK


With Career Mode, you may improve your driving talents. Complete the objectives and gradually grow your garage. Put your abilities to the test in a variety of settings! In these more difficult settings, you’ll be pushed to your limits. Dominate the streets with a variety of vehicles and show off your abilities to the rest of the globe! Prepare to race against the best drivers from across the globe on a massive multiplayer map!


With the high-quality graphics, you may own over 80 automobiles that you want. Use the workshop to select the best colours, decals, and enhancements for your project. Show off your ideal automobile to the rest of the world and have even more fun! Make the greatest automobiles out of all the different combinations and take over the streets!


Make sure you don’t grow bored! In this massive area, you may do side quests and drive your automobile to infinity! Find and finish all of the assignments on this map that awaits your discovery! While you wait for your mode queue, you are free to drive your automobile. You don’t even need to stop having a good time!


Obtain achievements by completing tasks. A badge will be awarded to you based on the combinations of your accomplishments. Collect your mastery badges and display them on your profile! Allow everyone to witness your prowess!


Feel as though you’re on the streets for real with these realistic images. Enjoy the high-resolution visuals with natural lighting. Allow yourself to be a part of this reality!


This realistic mechanics allows you to drive your own automobile whatever you like. You have the option of participating in a drift race or an engine power race! You may do everything you want in this limitless driving experience that you can do in real life!


With its close-to-reality mechanic design and mechanics, you may demonstrate your driving talents. You have full control over your vehicle, just as in real life.

With this free endless weaving graphics, you can accelerate like a beam! Feel the need to join a fun, boundless competition and let your imagination run wild in every shade of reality. Participate in some fun missions to show off your vehicle. You’ll be die-hard fans of this never-ending competition.

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Realistic Graphics

Lethe Studios created and produced PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK, which is one of their games. In Istanbul, Turkey, they work as a game developer. Lethe Studios was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing games that allow people of all ages to have fun, feel diverse emotions, and experience the quality and depth of the game idea.

Both Google Play and the App Store have PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK. As a result, the game may be installed on Android and iOS-based mobile devices. PetrolHead is also compatible with tablets such as the iPad. The game may also be downloaded for free. Furthermore, the game does not need an Internet connection. As a result, you may play PetrolHead at any time.

Furthermore, 3D visuals are quite appealing. In PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK, players may visit a variety of locations within a large metropolis. From puddle-filled bridges to tunnels and lengthy streets after a rainstorm,… Furthermore, the game’s realistic weather system transports you to the actual world.

On the bridge, you may enjoy the sunset or witness rains falling on the car’s glass. You may also see the little droplets if you look closely. A day and night cycle, in particular, will make driving more fascinating. The effect is also really realistic. When the automobile opens the throttle without running, the fumes may be seen. With these realistic visuals, you’ll feel like you’re really driving down the street. Enjoy the high-resolution visuals with natural lighting.

The game’s sound is also quite engaging. When your automobile is operating, you will hear the engine or the collision if it collides with a light post or other vehicles. When you’re driving, a dynamic soundtrack and well-known tunes will constantly be playing to keep you entertained. However, if you prefer silence and do not like to be disturbed, you may turn off the sound under the Settings.

Final Verdicts

I hope you have like the article about PetrolHead Traffic Quests MOD APK and for further interesting content please be with us tilln next time and also if you face any problem then contact us.

What's new

Spring's first update has come! 🌱

- We integrated the pilot seat adjustment feature. You can adjust your seat as you want from the Options section. ⚙️

- Steering wheel adjustment feature is integrated to the game options section. 😎

- New stickers are added to the game. You can add your stickers to your car from the Workshop. 🎨

- 4 new cars are added according to your demands. 🚗

- Errors are resolved and the roads has been made ready for the drive 😏



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