Can my phone play Diablo Immortal?

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Using Blizzard’s list of system requirements for the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha, we can get a general sense of what sorts of phones will be required to play the game. Best answer: Fortunately, it seems as if Blizzard is working hard to ensure that a broad range of devices are capable of running Diablo Immortal, so the vast majority of gamers should have no trouble.

What is Diablo Immortal and how does it work?

Similarly to the majority of other Diablo games, Immortal will be an isometric, top-down, hack-and-slash game in which players will combat swarms of monsters, utilising physical strength and magic to defeat their adversaries. Immortal, in contrast to the majority of Diablo games, will be playable on your smartphone. It will also have a multiplayer component, which will make the game more similar to an MMORPG in nature. According to reports, the game would have both a single-player component as well as MMORPG elements with a lot of features.

When it comes to Diablo Immortal, what phones are compatible?

Because to the limited amount of verified information available for Diablo Immortal at this moment, the precise list of supported devices is still unknown. The fact that the game will function on both Android and iOS devices is something we already know, so any gamers who have a recent enough phone that can run either should be good.

As far as the Technical Alpha goes, Blizzard has published a list of official device requirements, which give us an indication of what kind of equipment you’ll need in order to play the game. Please see below for the bare minimum hardware requirements for the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha:

Android System Requirements Minimum

CPU: Snapdragon 710 / Hisilicon Kirin 810 or above (or equivalent).
Hardware requirements: GPU – Adreno 616 / ARM Mali-G52 and higher RAM – 2GB of RAM and higher Operating system: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher Apple Minimum System Requirements:

iPhone 8 and later models
iOS 12 and above are supported.
Despite the fact that it is uncertain whether or not these specifications will remain unchanged until the actual game opens, it does provide us with an idea of the sort of gadget you’ll need in order to properly play Diablo Immortal when it comes.

When will Diablo Immortal be released?

Blizzard has not yet provided any information on a release date for Diablo Immortal, despite repeated requests. Diablo Immortal will begin regional testing in the middle of 2020, according to Activision Blizzard’s fourth-quarter earnings call. There was no more information provided on which locations or when precisely the testing would take place, but at the very least we now have a more specific sense of when this game will begin to trickle out to the public.

As a result of the fact that the game is already available for pre-registration and is nearly ready to undergo testing, it would not be surprising to see a release date announced in the near future. In light of the fact that this is a mobile game, Blizzard will most likely spend some more time making certain that everything functions as planned before releasing it on mobile platforms.

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