The best Android apps in 2022

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Finding the finest Android applications may be difficult, which is why AP has put up today’s app roundup to assist you. We’ve hand-picked the most popular and notable applications on the platform, which are suitable for phones ranging from low-cost smartphones to high-end flagships. Think of today’s collection as a best-of list — the cream of the crop that few can live without, whether you’re new to Android or have been here for years.

Our top Android applications collection, like our best Android games roundup, is a great place to start, particularly because the list is constantly updated with new apps. If your favourite app isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Google Maps

Let’s get started using Google Maps. Although I’m sure most of us have used and are acquainted with this software, it doesn’t negate the value of this listing. Google Maps is a must-have, as well as the go-to map software for mobile devices, and for good reason: it’s still one of the greatest maps and navigation apps out there.

Google Maps is an amazing software for finding restaurants and petrol stations, as well as reviewing locations you’ve visited. In addition, the navigation is superb. While I understand that some individuals prefer Waze, there’s no doubting that Google Maps is more widely utilised, enabling its crowd-sourced material to expand at a far quicker rate than any other mapping programme. So, whether you’re searching for a rideshare, the nearest bike route, or just want to know how long it takes to walk to the grocery store, Google Maps is almost certainly the place to go.

SwiftKey Keyboard by Microsoft

One of the best things about Android is its versatility: third-party tools may be used to replace some of your basic components, such as your software keyboard. If you don’t like Gboard or just want to try out an alternative that many Android users think is superior, Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard might be the answer.

SwiftKey is a full-featured software keyboard that brings outstanding swipe-based input to the table. It is currently owned by Microsoft. This edition, like many other software keyboard applications, learns from your typing, so your predictions should improve as you use it more.

Reddit synchronisation (Pro)

There are several Reddit applications available; some have come and gone, while others have remained. One of the stalwarts is Sync for Reddit; it’s been around for years and has been actively developed the whole time, and it’s my personal go-to Reddit app. It’s readily themeable, works on both phones and tablets, and you can even visit Reddit while its servers are down, which seems to happen rather often in recent years.

Issues may arise, as they do with many Reddit applications, but the developer is responsive, so you know these problems won’t last long. Although Sync for Reddit is 10 years old, it remains popular because to its dependability.

Tor Browser is an official, private, and secure browser.

The Tor Browser is a privacy tool, a browser that protects your privacy by blocking trackers and fingerprinting while also encrypting your data. It’s also a useful tool for bypassing any sites that your ISP or nation blocks, similar to a VPN. Best of all, it’s open-source, which means it’s always been and always will be free to use. Whether you’re a security aware user or just want to browse forbidden or onion sites, the Tor Browser for Android is a software you should install to guarantee it’s available when you need it.

Twitch: Game Streaming in Real Time

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Twitch if you play video games. It’s an Amazon-owned game streaming platform that’s the go-to site to watch and broadcast gaming content. Whether you’re looking to learn more about a new game’s mechanics or just want to see how older titles are handled, Twitch is sure to have it. And if there’s anything you think is lacking from the market, you can create your own stream to fill it. You may watch for free since the service is ad-supported, or you can subscribe to a streamer’s channel for $4.99 and get a few bonuses. There are also two additional membership packages available for $9.99 and $24.99.


If you want to paint and sketch on your Android smartphone, there are a lot of options, but Sketchbook stands out due to its simplicity of use and thoughtful design. Nothing is ever excessively crowded, and you can access all of your tools with a single touch. The programme supports layers, and you’ll never be left yearning for more owing to a vast choice of brush and pen/pencil tips. Sketchbook is a fantastic tool that eliminates the need for paper if you’re big into drawing, like black books for graffiti artwork. Furthermore, the app is free, something the competition just does not provide.


This is for all of you automation aficionados. Tasker is one of Android’s most powerful tools, and despite Google’s relentless nibbling away at OS access, the app has maintained a following, which is a tribute to how valuable it is.

Over 350 different actions are available to build up your own automations (all without root access), such as turning on dark mode at a certain time of day or turning off alerts once you connect to your home wifi after work. While the software isn’t very straightforward, those who take the effort to figure it out will be rewarded. Anyone interested in giving it a try may do so for 7 days for free, and if you like what you see, you can buy the whole software with a single transaction.

Google Drive

There are a lot of cloud storage options out there, but because we all have Android phones, Google’s cloud storage option offers some of the finest connectivity with the OS and its applications. I’m a huge reader, and although I like to store my e-books on a local drive, I also keep my staples on the cloud so that I can easily access them regardless of whatever reading app I’m using at the moment.

It’s a rare day that an Android app doesn’t support Google Drive in addition to other cloud storage providers. You won’t even need to depend on other applications with built-in connections to Drive if you have the Drive app installed. Overall, Drive is one of the most handy cloud storage services for Android users, and since it’s an app that many of us use on a daily basis, it’s certainly one of the finest applications ever created.

Twilio Authy

On the Play Store, there are a slew of two-factor authentication applications, including one from Google. Twilio (previously Authy) can preserve your information in the cloud, so you won’t be left out if you switch devices often. This way, you may simply go from phone to phone and tablet to tablet throughout the years and still have access to all of your Twilio accounts.

Who can remember all the accounts for which two-factor authentication is enabled? I know I’m prone to forgetting things, which is why Twilio is my go-to for two-factor authentication. This way, whenever a website or service requests my 2-factor code, all I have to do is install Twilio on whichever Android device I happen to have on hand, and I’m good to go.

Music Player Poweramp

Poweramp Music Player is the programme to use if you want to play locally saved music with one of the greatest audio engines available. Not only has this been the king for a long time, but it’s also been modified multiple times throughout the years to provide an even better experience. This is one of the finest programmes for playing FLACs and other lossless files if you’re into them.

Poweramp is an audio player designed for audiophiles but equally suitable for the general public. Poweramp’s full feature set can still be unlocked with a single payment, which is impressive for an eleven-year-old programme that has managed to endure the test of time.


What good is an all-time best-of Android app list if it doesn’t include YouTube? YouTube, as everyone knows, is the go-to platform for user-generated video content. It also holds all of our Play Store purchases, as well as a tonne of music and an infinite supply of lessons, reviews, and first glances. The solutions to all of life’s questions are hidden someplace on the service, and all you have to do is dig them up to become more knowledgeable. Furthermore, many people earn a career by contributing to the site.

YouTube is essentially its own video content ecosystem, a never-ending stream of information at everyone’s fingertips, and as a result, it’s one of the most popular mobile apps available. If you like to view videos, you’ve probably used YouTube before. This programme does not need an introduction, but it is one of the most powerful tools we have, which is why it is included in today’s best-of roundup.

Solid Explorer is a file manager

Solid Explorer has managed to be one of the top solutions despite the fact that there are a plethora of file managers accessible on the Play Store. This software is not just wonderful for Android TV and Chromebooks, but it’s also great for Android phones and tablets. The amount of functions accessible much outnumbers the pre-installed choices on our gadgets.

Solid Explorer has built-in online storage capabilities, including Google Drive, as well as archiving, so you can quickly view RAR files (perfect for those of us that collect comics archived as CBRs). There’s also built-in NAS and FTP capabilities, as well as a variety of themes. Anyone may download and test the app for free, and if they want to unlock it, they can do so with an in-app payment. Some features are available on a piecemeal basis, but these are the more specialised ones that most users will not utilise.


I’m sure many of you are aware with the video conferencing service ZOOM thanks to Covid. The software is free and can accommodate up to 100 people in its free tier sessions, which is why it is so popular right now. There are also premium options, which vary from $16 to $20 per month and increase the number of participants to 1000 while also increasing the duration limit for these broadcasts.

ZOOM is one of the greatest video conferencing programmes available, regardless of how you slice it. It’s simple to set up, and you may use it for free with friends and family, even on Chromebooks, unless you operate a major company.

Bitwarden Password Manager

Password managers may not suitable for everyone, particularly since Google Chrome has its own built-in manager, but if you want an additional layer of protection, Bitwarden Password Manager is one of the better options. There is no limit on the amount of passwords that may be used, and these passwords are safeguarded by AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashtags, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 keys. There’s also a password generator built-in, so you won’t have to come up with your own.

Bitwarden is also a cross-platform service, so you’re covered even if you’re using a different operating system. Bitwarden, in essence, has all of the features you’d expect from well-known subscription programmes, with the exception that it’s open-source and has a free tier for people. It just doesn’t get much better than this. Even if you want to upgrade to the premium tier, it’ll just cost you $10 each year.

Zillow: Houses & Apartments

To be honest, who doesn’t like browsing the various homes on the market and daydreaming big? Zillow is the most well-known real estate app, and for good reason: it’s a lot of fun to browse. Choose a town, and then scroll through the numerous photos of each property that catches your eye. Estimated pricing, as well as basic taxes, are given, allowing you to quickly determine if a property matches your existing budget. You may even make offers and organise tours of these homes using the app. Even if you just like to gaze at pictures of unusual residences and crime scenes, this app is for you.

Photos in Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Mobile Tools is a well-known name on Android, and a couple of their applications have gone premium, with Simple Gallery Pro leading the way. There’s also a deprecated version that’s free, but the Pro software is well worth $1.30. There’s a built-in editor as well as a plethora of sorting choices for the gallery. Simple Gallery Pro is a breath of fresh air when compared to the standard picture applications that come with Android handsets. Many people believe it to be the finest gallery app on iOS, and I agree.


I used to be a die-hard FLAC enthusiast who exclusively listened to music on my computer and never streamed it. It took a Christmas promotion on Spotify (free Hulu) for me to give it a try, and although I was first dissatisfied, Spotify became exponentially more useful after I built up a collection of my favourite music. In my opinion, I pay Spotify a monthly fee not just for access to a large library of music, but also for Spotify’s suggestions. Discovery Weekly and Release Radar, in particular. These weekly tailored playlists are how I now find a great quantity of new music, which is much superior to the Amazon and iTunes digging I used to do for new releases.

Spotify continues to be worth every cent every month for someone who seldom believes subscriptions are worthwhile. Sure, there are some drawbacks, such as live music in playlists and remixes, as well as the continual barrage of podcast marketing, but I’ve yet to discover a better music streaming service, and this is coming from a convert to Play Music.

MX Player Pro

MX Player is one of the earliest native video players on Android, but it’s still one of, if not the finest, video players presently available, owing to its extensive video codec compatibility. While most films may be seen in Photos or one of the built-in manufacturer players, MX nearly always outperforms them. It’s useful on a phone or tablet, but it’s even better on Chromebooks and Android TV. I have yet to see a file that this video player cannot handle. MX Player should not fail even if you receive the majority of your media from the internet.


I’ve been using Android from the beginning, and I’ve loaded a slew of various weather applications in my never-ending quest to discover the best accurate and prettiest app available. Despite the fact that I’m still hunting, MyRadar is one of the first applications I install on each new Android smartphone. The ability to watch an interactive weather map certainly helps in pinpointing where storms are going, and if you’re in a hurry, there’s also a quick-view for the current temperature and prediction.

The app’s map has a lot of options to dig down to the exact view you want, and there’s even a video portion for those who would rather watch someone describe the weather. MyRadar is an amazing option if you need a weather app with one of the finest radar views available, particularly since most phones now come with their own weather applications that do not provide a comprehensive radar picture.

VLC (VideoLAN Client) for Android

VLC and MX Player are the two most popular video players on Android. When one doesn’t function well with your video format, the other usually does — thus if you sideload a lot of your video files and need a reliable video player, VLC can do in a pinch, particularly if your other media player has failed to play your current file.

Finally, the option to pick your local video player allows other parties, such as VLC, to provide their services, just like they do on PC. What’s more, the Android version is equally as stable as the PC version, which is why VLC is one of the most popular video players on Android.

FL Studio Mobile

You’ve undoubtedly heard of FruityLoops if you’re into music creation. Sure. Although the DAW is now known as FL Studio, we will always refer to it as FruityLoops. FL is a well-known DAW that dates back to 1997 on PC and allows users to create music tracks by painting them on the screen (much like Sony’s Acid Pro), with a step sequencer included in so users may construct their tracks and then paint those tracks together to form a song.

Audio recording, MIDI controller compatibility, and MIDI file exports and imports are all available. The programme is compatible with both Android and ChromeOS, and it includes trackpad and mouse functionality out of the box. It’s not bad.


What good would an all-time best-of Android app compilation be if it didn’t include Netflix? Netflix, along with Youtube, is the most popular video streaming site, but since Netflix is more focused on Hollywood-style material, it is the place to go for many of the best movies and TV shows available in 2021 (when does Stranger Things season 4 start, I’m getting antsy, I need my dose).

The most basic plan is $8.88, while the Standard plan costs $13.99 and the Premium plan costs $17.99. If you want to view 4K material, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium plan. Overall, Netflix is accessible almost everywhere, and because many TVs these days are Android TVs, you’re likely to use the Android app. As a member, you now have access to a small number of Android games, with more on the way.


Shazam is an Android music identification and discovery app that has been around for over a decade. That’s a long time for an app to remain maintained, and what’s even more incredible is that this software is completely free, with no adverts. Its amazing Shazam is still alive and strong, and that has everything to do with how wonderfully it works. Although Google and other phone manufacturers provide comparable applications and capabilities, Shazam is a stand-alone software with a slew of added features for quick discovery after you’ve defined a song.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know who composed a song you’re listening to, pull out your phone, open this app, and the answer is just a few seconds away, kicking off your adventure of exploring what that band and similar sounding musicians have to offer.


Despite the fact that the Play Store is flooded with banking and money applications, PayPal remains at the top. Personally, I use the app and service to protect my credit and debit cards while making online purchases, letting PayPal to handle all of the work so that I have a way to return anything quickly if there is a problem. PayPal continues to favour buyers over sellers, which is terrific for us as customers (but maybe not so great for all you eBay sellers out there).

PayPal has biometrics for quick sign-ins, notifications for when money left or enters your account, and you can even make transactions directly from your mobile. While I would never use PayPal to replace my bank, the conveniences and security that the app provides are well worth the work of establishing a bank account.


Food delivery businesses exploded during covid, and DoorDash is still doing strong despite the pressure. Yes, Uber Eats is a great alternative, but I prefer DoorDash since it has a wider selection of eateries. This may vary by region, but I found the app to be much more user-friendly than Uber’s alternative. It’s simple to find the restaurants I want, and the tracking is accurate, so I know when my order will come. Even the costs and bargains on DoorDash are often better than those offered by many of its rivals.

If you find yourself using the app often, there’s also a membership option that eliminates all of DoorDash’s delivery expenses. While I don’t order as often as I’d like, the convenience of having Indian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, and southern cuisines at my fingertips is difficult to ignore.


For years, Android lacked good picture editing tools, but that is no longer the case with the arrival of Snapseed. To give you a clearer idea of what I’m talking about, we have authors that use this software entirely for picture editing on Chromebooks and Android devices. It’s a comprehensive editing programme that will enable professionals and amateurs to easily repair and edit their images without having to use a full-featured app on a desktop PC. Snapseed may not be a replacement for Photoshop on a desktop computer, but it certainly outperforms the mobile version.

Snapseed is definitely AP’s mobile go-to if you ever need to edit a photo in a moment but need something a bit more comprehensive than the standard choices on your smartphone, and best of all, it’s free.


Why would I select Telegram above the other chat applications on the Play Store? First and foremost, I like that Telegram has a wide range of applications, including ones for Linux, that cover all of the major desktop operating systems. After all, if I use a messenger, I want to be able to receive messages on the devices I’m now using. Additionally, encrypted conversations are accessible, albeit, unlike Signal, you must manually enter these chats. For those who want to customise, there are many of themes to choose from, and messages are sent at breakneck speed (especially compared to SMS).

Telegram is in the middle of nothing. It has enough capabilities to compete with the big guys, but it also provides better security than many others, and you can’t overlook the desktop programmes, which are incredibly useful. The only drawback is persuading your friends and family to switch.


Uber is still the king of ridesharing, and it has easily revolutionised how many of us travel about. This service has more drivers than the others, which means you’ll get trips quicker. Yes, there are additional costs that appear to be increasing all the time, and there is even a membership for individuals who use the app regularly, but that doesn’t diminish how beneficial the app and service are.

Are you stranded at the airport? Hire an Uber. You had to leave your automobile at the repair because it broke down? Hire an Uber. The possibilities are numerous, enabling individuals to travel about more easily while simultaneously reducing drunk driving after the bars close. The programme itself is quite user-friendly, albeit the appearance seems to change on a regular basis (calm down, Uber). Still, Uber has completely transformed how many of us travel, which is a good thing if you live in a city.

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